Sleep Study

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1 out of 3 people suffer from a sleep disorder.

The Impact

Costlier medical and liability insurance


70 million Americans experience sleep problems and 40 million have a chronic sleep disorder.

Increased risk of Injuries and accidents


Mining companies in the US and Canada are struggling with improving safety and efficiency for their workers.

Increased Use of Force / citizen complaints


In law enforcement for example 36% of officers have sleep apnea and 85% of those cases are untreated.

What is the value to your company?


SleepOrbit combines technology, sleep screenings, and a sleep-well intervention into an employer-focused program designed to improve employee health, job performance, and the company bottom line. Our product fills the need for a personally designed sleep disorder screening and sleep improvement program that combines wearable monitoring devices, medical grade testing devices, sleep disorder treatment and management with guided assistance on how to improve sleep health.

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